Czocha Castle, Sucha 59-820 Leśna

When people usually fall asleep, ghosts resume their eternal journey, but what about those who chose to stay awake? Exploring is the answer. Czoch Castle visitors can come to this conclusion for themselves when they embark on a night tour of the medieval fortress.

Shortly after darkness sets in, when the massive castle gate shuts down behind last visitor and the audience comes to hear a characteristic rumbling sound – this is a sign that there is no turning back.

A poised castle-keeper with two assistants – guides, will lead you in to the biggest hall of the mysterious manor, where visitors will begin their night time adventure.

For almost three hours the visitors will look around the various castle chambers, and in one of them they will hear the cry of an infant walled up alive by the former ruler, who also had no mercy for baby’s mother. To this day, she is wandering around the castle cloisters searching for her baby to no avail.

This ruler, just like his successors, with undisguised passion used to dump their wives and lovers into the castle well as punishment for disobedience, which inevitably became the Well of Unfaithful Wives.
It’s the place, where guests bow their heads, and the gloomy echo of death can almost be sensed…

Castle explorers will squeeze through some secret passages to eventually get to see the torture chamber, where the moans of ancient martyrs can still be heard.

The visitors will make their way to the castle treasury of the last owner of Czoch Castle, which was robbed after World War II, they will enjoy delicious mead in the castle’s wine cellar, and will go to see the mysterious armory and dark castle dungeons.

Every night in the castle, when the fog sets in over Kwisa river and a gloomy whizzy sound permeates through the wooden shutters – is a sign that we are not alone.

Depending on the phase of the moon, you can meet ghosts and ghouls of murdered princesses in the castle seeking solace in the company of the living. In praise of their ruler, the knights also can be seen fighting relentlessly. The ancient dancers are trying to tame the element of fire and thus look death straight in the eye, whereas the wandering soldiers are still fighting and namelessly dying on the castle floor.


Dates of night castle tours:


08., 14., 21 February 2020
21 March 2020
04., 12., 17., 30 April 2020
01., 02., 03 May 2020


Czoch Castle


Standard tickets

  • Normal ticket - 50 PLN / person

The number of places is limited. Prior booking required.