Czocha Castle, Sucha 59-820 Leśna

No matter whether it’s live history lessons or Magic Workshops – in Czoch Castle, students definitely will never get bored!

You are welcome to avail of our offer, which includes:


Live history lessons covering the times from the Middle Ages up to World War II

Thematic classes are run in two versions

  1. Middle Ages

– medieval times. Myths, facts, and legends …,

– knight era costumes and armament,

– child and its life and games in the Middle Ages,

– dress your friend in medieval clothes.

  1. World War II

– World War II through the eyes of a child,

– World War II in the surroundings of Czoch Castle,

– uniforms, equipment and armaments of the war time,

– September 1939 campaign uniform of the Polish Army,

– exhibition of weapons from the Battle of Lubań time,

– exhibition of weapons titled: “Through the ages with weapons struggling for freedom”,

– shooting competition for the Castle Castellan award,

The programme ends with a guided tour of the castle.

Magic Workshops – Journey to the World of Magic

The programme includes:

– mini lectures in the form of theatre etudes for young students of the School of Magic and Wizardry,

– magical games stimulating the imagination,

– interactive group classes,

– finishing up a magical wand,

– creating House Symbols, to which each participant is assigned a mysterious Tiara,

– tattooing the world of magic symbols.

The programme ends with a guided tour of the castle.

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