Czocha Castle, Sucha 59-820 Leśna

The medieval fortress located on the rocky promontory on the bank of the lake is a perfect place for organising a wedding party.

The splendid ambience of the place and the atmosphere of stylish interiors will make your experience here truly unforgettable and will take you to the wonderful world of sensations.

To cater for the tastes of our guests, the chef recommends some unique dishes of traditional Polish cuisine.

In the stylish castle halls you will savour the delicious dishes that we prepare using our coal-fired kitchen stove.

We have 4 wedding rooms at your disposal:

– Marble Hall – 100 seats

– Library – 30 seats

– Restaurant – 40 seats

– Knight’s Hall – as a ballroom

The costs of organising wedding party are as follows:

– room rental – the charges are imposed on individual basis, depending on a given date of wedding reception

– accommodation – from approx. 100.00 PLN / person / night

– menu: – from 190.00 PLN / person (1-day wedding)

– from 240.00 PLN. (2-day wedding)



Round bread served with salt

Sparkling wine (semi-sweet or semi-dry)

Soup: broth with noodles

Main course served on platters:

– roast pork neck in sauce

– chicken roulade with broccoli and cheese

– traditional chicken Kiev

– pork escalope

– pork loin with spinach

– potatoes, Silesian dumplings

– a bouquet of salads

Cold side-dishes :

leek and celery salad

egg in tartar sauce

beet pate

rolled herring laid on a paprika

chicken and vegetable jellies

Roast meat platter:

– chicken roulade with vegetables

– pork chop stuffed with spinach

– bacon and minced meat wrap

Traditional cold meats for decorating platters with roasted meat:

– traditional ham, sausage slices

Fresh vegetable extras: cucumber, tomato

Variety of breads

Warm side-dishes:

– meatballs in Hungarian sauce

– borscht with croquette (cabbage + mushrooms) or with patties from puff pastry or goulash soup

– ribs in Greek sauce served with potato pancakes

Hot beverages: coffee (tea) 3 / person



Traditional bread and salt welcoming

Traditional OBIAD sparkling wine welcoming:

Appetizer: “Phantasy” dish from smoked salmon served with a cocktail salad and aromatic dill sauce.

Soup: Broccoli cream with roasted almonds or clear soup with noodles as an alternative

Main course served on platters:

Beef in mushrooms Lithuanian style

Commander’s turkey chop

Chicken fingers in coconut coating

Pork tenderloin medallions with fried leeks

Pork chop with chanterelle sauce

Water-boiled potatoes with butter and dill

Bouquet of salads: fried blue cabbage, white cabbage


– Greek salad with sauces (vinaigrette, garlic)

– roast chicken salad

– herring in caper-olive aroma

– neck of pork roasted in old Polish marinade

– bacon roulade stuffed with meat

– turkey galantine

– trout chaudfroid

– traditional cold meats, cheese platter

– roast pork, stuffed with plum + blueberry sauce

– fresh and tinned vegetable extras

– variety of breads


– borscht with croquette or with patties from puff pastry

– Stroganoff beef goulash

– stuffed cabbage rolls with mushroom sauce

BEVERAGES: coffee, tea 3 pp.


Soup: cabbage soup with ribs or sour soup as an alternative

Main course: chicken fillet stuffed with broccoli and mozzarella served with a clear casserole sauce, potatoes and a bouquet of salads or drumstick stuffed with vegetables with a green pepper sauce as an alternative


vegetable salad, cocktail salad, egg in tartar sauce, herring with olive, meat rolls (neck, bacon, turkey), cold meats, a variety of cheeses, canned extras, bread, pork in garlic sauce, hot beveragas – 2 / person.


Traditional bread and salt welcoming

Traditional sparkling wine welcoming


Appetizer: turkey flakes dipped in aspic, with fruit chunks or antipasta with tiger prawn

Soup: creamy mushroom soup with noodles

Main course served on platters:

beef medallion

chicken roulades stuffed with broccoli

pork tenderloin with chicken mousse in a cream & herbal sauce

chicken Kiev served with butter and pineapple

pork loin stuffed with forest mushrooms

potatoes sprinkled with butter and dill

Silesian dumplings

bouquet of salads: white cabbage, carrot with horseradish, beetroots

Cold side-dishes :

Polish salad with smoked salmon

pasta salad with chicken

traditional herring on onion trio

egg stuffed with mushroom, served on chive sauce, sprinkled with radish shavings

salmon in wine jelly

castle style pork pate with horseradish, traditional cold meats

variety of cheese – as pork loin decoration

roast meat served with Cumberland sauce

gourmet bone roast:

neck stuffed with spinach

bacon roulade stuffed with meat

turkey roll sprinkled with vegetables

vegetable extras and pickles

variety of breads

Hot side-dishes:

borscht with dumplings or patties from puff pastry

meat balls

Cracow style tripe with meatballs

Hot beverages: tea & coffee (any quantity)


Dinner :

Soup: sour rye soup with cold meats and egg, or spring greens soup

Main course: roast pork served with brown gravy, mushroom sauce or hunter sauce, boiled or roasted potatoes and a bouquet of salads

Cold side-dishes:

broccoli and egg salad

cocktail salad with dill sauce

pate with cranberry sauce

herring with apple or Kartuzy style herring,

meat rolls (neck, bacon, turkey)

roast pork with garlic sauce

canned vegetable extras, a variety of breads

Hot beverages: tea & coffee

Admission cost: 1-day wedding, approx. 230 PLN / person, 2-day wedding: approx. 285 PLN

We also offer you own smokehouse products:

– traditional smoked meats, – a stall of fresh-baked crispy country bread

For the wedding reception we offer as an option:

– roast piglet (grits in Old Polish style for free) – price to be agreed

Fireworks show

During wedding stay of guests, we offer the following forms of attractions (not included in the price):

– knight fight show

– ceremonial welcoming by the guard of honour

– night tour of the Castle with a Guide

– daytime guided tour of the Castle

– mead savouring at Castle Wine Tavern

– bonfire

Come visit and enjoy !!!