Czocha Castle, Sucha 59-820 Leśna

The rooms

Czocha Castle offers three standards of rooms in which you can relax after an eventful day. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a standard, economy or superior class room.

In addition to this, the Castle has 7 special rooms – themed rooms, which will delight even the most demanding of our guests.

The castle rooms are suitable for both individual guests and large, organised groups. It offers rooms up to 3 and 4 persons.

All rooms are equipped with guest comfort in mind. However, due to its historic character, Czocha Castle has 10 rooms without bathrooms. Their lack is compensated by ever clean and hygienic showers in the corridor.


1-person 3 rooms
2-person (twin) 12 rooms
3-person 8 rooms
4-person 2 rooms
2-person (twin) 1 rooms
3-person 1 rooms
4-person 3 rooms
2-person (double) 2 rooms
3-person 4 rooms
4-person 2 rooms

Themed rooms

The unique character of the Czocha Castle is evidenced by seven special rooms, referring to historical or … literary figures important for the castle. Some of them reflect the atmosphere of the fortified residence of the nobility, others serve to reinforce the passion for travel. All of them will make some lasting memories.

Anna Maria’s Room

Castellan’s room

Bodo Edhardt’s Room

Warlock’s Room

Edgar von Uchtritz’s Room

Hunting Room

Traveler’s Room

The Knights Room

The Prince’s Rooms

Apartament – Daughters’ Chamber