Czocha Castle, Sucha 59-820 Leśna

Welcome to the Czocha Castle History Room. The idea of this room refers to the pre-war Kunstkamer, cabinets of curiosities, or other relevant places where aristocrats, rulers, princes of the church used to gather various historical curiosities from all parts of the world.


Czoch Castle


Standard tickets

  • Regular ticket - Room of curiosities - 8 PLN / person
  • Discounted ticket - Room of curiosities - 5 PLN / person
  • Regular ticket - Multimedia torture chambers - 12 PLN / person
  • Discounted ticket - Multimedia torture chambers - 8 PLN / person

The price of the ticket for a guided tour of the Castle, Torture Chamber and the Room of Curiosities includes visiting the courtyards.
Discounted ticket: Children under 15 years old, and persons with a disability certificate.

Czocha Castle also had such a room – dozens of photographs of the rooms of Ernst F. Gütschow (the owner of the castle), full of various wonders from around the world, militaria (even the collection of Japanese weapons, which is slowly reviving now here) and jewels have survived. Such a cabinet was to amaze, surprise and, above all, inspire.

And the latter is the purpose of this room. In the store we have gathered a collection of interesting items from around the globe and from all ages. Some of those items are very valuable materially, others have just a symbolic significance. The oldest object made with human hands is over 3000 years old, whereas the most recent one was made only a few years ago. Some of them belonged to someone special, others were silent witnesses to some historical events and occurrences. They are made of metal, stone, canvas, ceramics, lacquer, steel, iron, and of some other, more mysterious materials that have accompanied humankind since the beginning of time.

They all have one thing in common – each object tells a story. Some of them are tragic because they recount on human cruelty and pointlessness of wars. Some other are fun, yet others frightening or intriguing.

Therefore, we encourage you to read the descriptions that are found next to each item. They are longer than in other museums, but this is because our exhibition is unique. Without investing this reading effort, the exhibition may prove meaningless to you and you will not apprehend it as it should be understood.

Despite the fact that the room is small, it is packed with stories to the full, so you can spend here a few hours, driven by the zest for exploring them not only out of curiosity, but also since your imagination would impel you. Is there anyone of us, who at some stage did not want to become a samurai, a commando, or an Indian? Didn’t we fantasise abut sailing in the Caribbean as a pirate, looking for lost treasures? Who has not dreamed of the pyramids and treasures of ancient Egypt? Today, you will be presented with an opportunity to enjoy certain bits and pieces of each of these worlds.

In order not to hold you at bay, at the end of every single item description you will find one work of art – a book, film or play, which will let you explore each individual topic presented here by us in the privacy of your own home.

It is worth paying attention to the design of the room itself. It was made by Mr. Andrzej Nowacki – a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. We think that the room itself will be as intriguing to you as making it was fun for us.

We hope that visiting this exhibition will be an inspiration for you to think about human fate, and to return to childhood dreams. And we hope that younger visitors will be inspired to follow their dreams and will come to believe that the whole world is out there for them.

Multimedia Torture Chambers … Dark climate, suffering, uncertainty, fear … Multimedia Torture Chamber of Czocha Castle, Go on a magical journey to the world of legends, ghosts and secrets. Visit
the Alchemist’s Workshop, get to know the Hangman’s Workshop, go to the Witches’ Prison, and finally… the Ghost House.