Czocha Castle, Sucha 59-820 Leśna

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We would like to inform you that on:
March 14-16, 2024,
entering the castle and courtyards (including visiting them) will be impossible.
March 13, 2024
March 17, 2024
Visiting the castle is possible from 10:30

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Within its walls, the medieval castle hides numerous secrets of its previous owners, slowly revealed by modern researchers. Touring Czocha Castle with a guide is like experiencing history mixed with marvelous legends and stories.

The tour begins in a grand Knight’s Hall, which occasionally serves as a ballroom – inside, guests take their first steps on a magical journey in a castle famed as the Polish Hogwarts.

Why Hogwarts? The Lower Silesian building is the location of world-famous LARP sessions, Summer School of Magic, and magic classes for school children.

The visitors may peek inside a beautiful Marble Hall, where they can see wall paintings and an infamous fireplace. Legends say that a days-old baby was bricked up inside of it.

The inside of the castle houses an exhibition of communication devices used by the Polish army back in the times of the Polish People’s Republic, as well as treasures found during the building’s renovation in 2015.

Visitors may enter the Treasury, once secured with steel and concrete doors – its content was desired by many.

The Library Hall, filled to the brim with various books, is a sight to behold – the room contains numerous masonry symbols, which may intrigue adventurers and history lovers alike.

The Portrait Hall, with portraits of Piast dynasty members hanging on its walls, is also available for touring.

The Prince’s Chamber is a place that sparks a lot of interest among visitors – according to legends, a peculiar mechanism remains hidden under the double bed, which drops those asleep into the dungeon.

The visitors may see a beautiful bathroom adjacent to the Bedroom or the Chamber of the last owner’s daughters. Tourists should climb the lookout tower and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Kwisa river and nearby forests.

Numerous sightseers pay special attention to the majestic object itself. Its fairytale appearance is highly appreciated, especially by amateur photographers.

Touring of Czocha Castle takes place with a Polish-speaking guide. Before it begins (at checkout or the front desk), visitors will receive booklets with each room’s description and history, available in German and English.

Touring with a German or English-speaking guide is available after prior arrangement (contact: +48 757211553, mail:

Daily touring:

  • 10 AM – 5:15 PM (last group around 4 PM)
  • 10 AM – 8 PM (July – August, last group around 6:30 PM)

Parking spots – labeled “PARKING ZAMKU CZOCHA”

  • Cars: 10zł
  • Buses: 20zł


Pet policy of Czocha Castle, administered by AMW REWITA Sp. z o.o

  1. Touring Czocha Castle’s rooms with pets is prohibited.
  2. Courtyard tours with pets are allowed as long as a dog wears a muzzle. Miniature dogs (max. 30cm) are excused from wearing a muzzle. The rule applies to breeds such as York, Shih-Tzu, and Maltese.
  3. Touring the courtyards with pets is not allowed due to concerns for their safety during outdoor events, use of pyrotechnic effects, and increased tourist presence.
  4. Visitors who do not follow the rules will have to leave the Czocha Castle area.



Standard tickets

  • Standard ticket - 40 PLN / os.
  • Discounted ticket - 30 PLN / os.

Reduced tickets apply to children, adolescents aged 15 and below, and people with disabilities.